Frequently Asked Questions about Raspberry Ketone

Since Dr. Oz has shown the world the great benefits of raspberry ketone, tons of attention has been drawn to it. A ton of questions have arisen as a result, so we’ve put together a few of the top questions we’ve been asked to help you better understand its benefits to your health.

Q. What is raspberry ketone?

A. Raspberry ketone is a naturally-occurring compound found in raspberries. Ketone gives the raspberries their reddish color and sweet smell.

Q. Can raspberry ketone help me lose weight?

A. YES! Raspberry ketone helps turn your body into a fat-burning furnace. Undoubtedly, you can lose large amounts of fat by adding raspberry ketone to your daily diet. We’ve seen numerous reports of people losing anywhere from as little as ten pounds to even thirty pounds of fat by adding in this supplement!

Q. How does it help in losing weight?

A. Raspberry ketone has two main purposes when it comes to weight loss. Raspberry ketone does not allow your liver to absorb fat that is consumed through the food that you eat. Secondly, raspberry ketone assists your body by taking fat out of cells, which is then sent through your blood to be burned off.

Q. Are there any negative side effects?

A. Fortunately, there are no negative side effects of taking raspberry ketone as a weight loss aid – something that is really great, and unique. Ketone supplements do not contain any additives like caffeine or worse, ephedra – two stimulants known to cause serious damage to the heart and liver. Medical professionals believe raspberry ketone to be safe since nobody who has consumed it as a supplement has complained of any side effects.

Q. How do I ensure that I lose the most weight possible?

A. Let’s make one thing clear: There is no magic pill to lose weight. While this may be a slight disappointment for some who are reading this, we want to make clear that two things are key to lose weight – a good diet (with the right supplements) and exercise. Please don’t take raspberry ketone only, thinking that you’ll automatically lose weight as a result of it. We recommend that you eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough rest on a nightly basis. Cut out as many sugars and processed carbohydrates, and exercise a few times a week to start. Simply doing some extra walking will help you!

Q. What research supports what you have said about raspberry ketone?

A. Dr. Oz is the biggest name associated with raspberry ketone. He called it a revolutionary new diet supplement that will change the world. We think that’s a pretty bold statement.

Next, there has been a great amount of clinical research that supports raspberry ketone’s role in weight loss.

The most documented and referenced research involved the use of mice in a research laboratory. Scientists overfed mice until they reached a weight that was considered obese. Next, they started supplementing the lab mice with raspberry ketone, while their diets remained unchanged. They found that adding raspberry ketone helped stop their weight gain, and helped most mice lose weight, despite the high fat content of their diet.

Q. Where can I purchase a raspberry ketone supplement?

A. You can buy raspberry ketone directly on from website! After trying a variety of different supplements, we found the most results with what has become our #1 recommended raspberry ketone product: Raspberry Ketone Pure. People are raving about it right now! When people experience results, it increases their belief, which leads to greater results… This stuff WORKS. Raspberry Ketone Pure is totally safe and contains only top-shelf quality raspberry ketone.

The Conclusion

Hopefully your questions and concerns have been answered through these FAQs. If you have any more questions, please feel free to post a comment on this page and we will have your question added to this page shortly.

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