Do Raspberry Ketone Capsules Really Help? Ask Judy.

This interview was conducted on April 2, 2012 with one of our new customers, Judy B. from Topeka, Kansas.

Call her a skeptic, but when Judy watched Dr. Oz a few months ago discussing the “miracle” fat burner in a bottle called Raspberry Ketone she was cautiously optimistic. “It’s probably one of those typical diet scams,” she said. “I was duped into buying a bottle of acai berry last year buy getting a ‘free trial’ but was then charged over $90 a month for three months in a row,” she continued.

Sadly, scams like Judy experienced were not uncommon until the Federal Trade Commission stepped in this last year with tougher regulations against Internet marketers who were preying upon innocent victims like Judy.

Judy continued, “When I decided to take the leap of faith and try out some of these raspberry ketones I kept hearing and reading about, I wanted to be sure I wasn’t going to fall for the old ‘placebo effect’ that happens whenever people take a supplement. I followed the instructions as were stated on the bottle. Within a few days I began to feel a little extra energy, which was odd… I’m normally pretty tired. I specifically remember a Thursday morning that I forgot a cup of coffee in the morning because I simply didn’t need it. I haven’t skipped a cup of coffee in over 12 years!”

Since she had continued her exercise program, healthy eating, and regularly taking her raspberry ketone supplement, Raspberry Ketone Pure – she’s already dropped a significant amount of belly fat in the last three months!

“This definitely was not lose weight instantly like commercials promise… It’s lose weight steadily, but that’s better than lose weight never!”

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