Do Raspberry Ketones REALLY Work?

A Guest Post by a SKEPTIC who tried Raspberry Ketones

Enough of the crap! Stop the hype!

I’m just going to come out and say it… I think that many times Dr. Oz is full of crap. He’ll promote a product or magic pill on his television show, and then my friends will ask me all about it for weeks. I end up wasting hours for the next month telling them that “No, you can’t just take acai berry and lose weight…” It takes WORK to lose weight.

I’ve been skeptical of Dr. Mehmet Oz for many years, ever since he first started appearing on Oprah’s TV show. I’ll admit it – while I’m at the office seeing clients every day, I’d have Oprah recording on my DVR, and yes – I still buy her recommended books.

Every time Dr. Oz came on, I’d watch his segments disagreed with the type of advice he was giving… Simply because he made it all seem too “easy.” Just take a simple supplement, or just do this one small thing and lose fat forever. This is not the case! It takes actual work to lose weight, right?

When Dr. Oz Changed My Mind

Recently I watched Dr. Oz’s show and saw the segment on fat busting “Metabolism Boosters,” with the usual critical eye and skepticism I always do… But then became intrigued. I read up on a Japanese study recently in one of my medical journals where they had mentioned a raspberry extract being used on skin for elasticity treatments. Could raspberry ketones be what they were referring to?

My First-Hand Experience

I bit the bullet, said “to hell with it” and I bought myself a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Pure. I read the reviews from my reputable sources, and I tried it out. Here’s what I found:

  • I had more energy, so I worked out a little longer without getting tired.
  • I continued to eat well – lots of fruits and veggies, no real starchy carbohydrates, lean meats.
  • I measured myself before getting started. After 6 weeks of using Raspberry Ketone Pure, I lost TWO inches off my waistline.
  • I’m 49 years old and have been trying whatever I can to get rid of this stubborn fat on my midsection. Two inches is a big difference!
  • Dr. Oz Was Right this Time

    Dr. Oz might be pitching some weird ideas sometimes, but with Raspberry Ketone, he’s hit it out of the park!

    After reviewing the ingredients which are all-natural, reviewing all the raspberry ketone side effects, as well examining the product first-hand, I wholeheartedly recommend Raspberry Ketone Pure.

    Please understand that this is my advice as an individual, and NOT as a medical professional. Before you decide on any new supplement, dietary plan, or exercise regimen you MUST first consult with YOUR OWN primary care physician. Your results may vary from mine based upon your individual efforts!

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