Raspberry Ketone’s Friend, Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract vs. Raspberry Ketone: What’s the Difference?

Two of the most popular weight loss supplements right now are raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract. Both supplements promise fast, long-term weight loss without possessing any side effects. Users of both products have had success with both as well. While both seem great, one has to be better than the other. So which weight loss product is better – raspberry ketone or green coffee extract?

When comparing any two products, you should start with safety. Green coffee extract has proven to have no side effects. Various studies have all concluded that it cannot harm you in any way. Plus, the thousands of testimonials of green coffee extract users would testify to this statement as well. We know that, but what about raspberry ketone?

For the most part, raspberry ketone does not seem to have any side effects either. However, in full disclosure, it is known that some people do have a rare allergy to red raspberries, which can be triggered using raspberry ketone. Now, this allergy is incredibly rare and less then 1/100,000 people actually has it. Definitely check with your doctor before taking any supplement to ensure that you do not have any allergies. You shouldn’t take a supplement without checking with your doctor first!

Next, you have to look at the effectiveness of each product. Green coffee extract has physical evidence to support its’ weight loss claims in the form of human studies. In the most recent study conducted in Pennsylvania, participants were able to drop 17 pounds in 22 weeks, which accounted for a total of 10.5% weight loss and a 16% decrease in body fat.

Raspberry ketone has shown some phenomenal results, especially if you take a look at the testimonials and the trials that have been run by people in the weight loss world.

Finally, you have to look at the other benefits. Both raspberry ketone and green coffee extract have numerous benefits. Both products can help lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, increase energy, suppress appetite, and improve digestion. However, each has a few benefits that the other does not posses.

Green coffee extract has powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system to improve the body’s main functions. Green coffee extract also helps to improve circulation, which helps the body’s cells receive nutrients much more efficiently.

Raspberry ketone has been found to have numerous skin healing properties. A new study has proven that raspberry ketone can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles by increasing collagen production. Raspberry ketone also improves the overall health of the skin, which causes the user to have healthier, younger looking skin.

After looking at the facts, booth raspberry ketone and green coffee extract are excellent weight loss supplements. Both are mostly safe, truly effective and have a slew of other health benefits. Therefore, it’s a toss-up which product will be best for you. You can always use both products, which some people are doing to reach weight loss goals even faster – both are excellent.

A 100% pure green coffee bean extract will help give your body the boost of chlorogenic acid it needs to block the fat, while a raspberry ketone supplement will help boost your metabolism to burn it off. Combined, they make a powerful combination!

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